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Starting out? Slow and steady wins the race!

Life should be long and not a race!

We are not always ready to jump straight into high intensity exercise and nor should we be. Sometimes for what ever reason we can be in a position where we have not been exercising regularly. This means we have reduced muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness and core stability and are more likely to incur an injury if we go too fast or too hard.

With so many exercise options out there to choose from it can be daunting starting out.

How do you find something to suit you and your needs, level of fitness, time and budget?

Start with what you think you will enjoy, if you like doing something you are much more likely to stick to it. Would you like to do something that is social or more individually focused? There are many options to choose from i.e. yoga, pilates, strength training, dance, aqua aerobics, the list goes on. To find out the options in your local area go to Playsport Australia

Next, what are your fitness goals? Why do you want to do a class and what do you want to get from it? Setting fitness goals is a great way to stay on track and help you stay focused. When setting your goals they can be anything from big to small, short term to long term, but it is helpful if they are S.M.A.R.T! Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time bound. Writing them down is a great way to keep yourself accountable. For more help go to:

Lastly, consider what you are willing to spend per week or month. Most fitness classes have a discounted rate if you pay upfront for a term or by direct debit. Casual rates for group fitness classes vary but you can expect to pay between $10 and $35 per session. Whilst personal training sessions can be anything from $50 per hour upwards.

So it really depends on what your needs and goals are and these may change over time. For example, you might start out by selecting a personal trainer for 8 weeks to help you gain strength, fitness and confidence! By the end of your 8 week program you might feel ready to join a fitness class or small group training program. Remember, whilst your health and fitness are important maintaining your fitness needs to be affordable and therefore a sustainable part of your life, so choose something that is not going to break your budget.

Good luck and enjoy your health and fitness journey!!

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