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How to stay active in lockdown and why it matters

Lockdown takes away many of our privileges that we probably don’t usually even consider a privilege. The constant changes in restrictions affect us all in different ways but it’s not uncommon to feel anxious, afraid, hopeless, frustrated or angry, confused, stressed, lonely or isolated. There are some simple steps you can put in place to make your lockdown experience better! First of all reach out for help if you need it. There are a range of supports available online to assist you if you need help, such as: Beyond Blue The Conversation - The Black Dog Institute -

We know that exercise is good for us in so many different ways. We also know that sitting for too long at any one time, regardless of how much exercise we may do, is bad for our health. So it is really important that with all the working from home, extra sitting and extra screen time that we break up our days and create a routine that includes regular movement breaks. Despite knowing all the benefits and importance of regular exercise it can still be really hard to get started, especially when its cold and sometimes wet outside. My advice is not to expect too much from your self, make the aim simply to get started! Even putting on your exercise clothing can start to help your body and mind feel more ready. Also, maintaining a routine is super important so set a bedtime and a wake time and try to stick to this along with other routines like when you get dressed, brush your teeth etc.

Choose, in advance, the time that you are going to do your exercise and schedule it into your diary. Then here is the hard part, but also the key to long-term success, even if you don’t feel like exercising you are going to do something! This is where the, ‘don’t make it too hard’ part comes in. Start with simply putting on your runners and thinking “I’ll go for a walk around the block”. Then once you are out tell yourself WELL DONE!” Next you might challenge yourself to go into a light jog for 10 seconds and mix this up within your walk as your fitness level allows. Stick to the time or distance you aimed for. Once back home you might challenge your self to try some simple body weight exercises.

Aim for 10! Try doing 10 of each of these 10 exercises · Squats · Push-ups · Backwards stepping lunge · Dips · Side lunges · Star jumps · Windmill arms · Plank up-downs · Sit-ups or crunches · Wall Angels

10 TOP TIPS to make lockdown better!

1. Know what’s within your 5km range? If you don’t find out here:

2. Explore, enjoy and get to know your local neighbourhood by walking or jogging a different way each day.

3. Be Mentally strong: Get out every day even if you don’t feel like it!

4. Make a routine and stick to it!

5. Complete a minimum of 60 minutes exercising every day.

6. Break up your work /sitting time every 55 minutes with 5 minutes of light intensity, range of movement exercises.

7. Stay safe and follow restrictions in your area.

8. Give your self some ME time every day, this might be reading a book, doing some yoga, or practice some mindfulness!

9. Take one day at a time, but make it the best day it can be!

10. Bee kind to yourself, reach out for help if you need it.





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